ePlatMaps Interactive Plat Map Features:

Keeping your plat maps current with up-to-date information is essential. Our ePlatMaps™ Management System, allows you to enter and maintain all of your lot information, which eliminates the high-maintenance cost typically associated with interactive products.

  • Seamless integration into your existing website
  • 24/7 access to use content management system
  • Instant updates of map roll-over data and image
  • Upload image to be displayed in roll-over box
  • Custom formatting of roll-over text and status
  • Lot numbers appear directly over top of status dots
  • Lot numbers can be changed or removed anytime
  • Indicator dots can be changed or removed anytime
  • Lot status indicator dots ( custom color key )
  • Automatically links internal URLs in same browser window
  • Launches external URLs in new browser window
  • Custom full-color artist rendering of your map
  • Large vector format option available for printing
  • Quick turn around time ( Interactive Map lot activation same day and Graphic design with map activation in 3 business days )

ePlatMaps Interactive Map Editor

  • Our maps are mobile friendly
  • Update your maps from anywhere with our Online editor:
    • + 5 Customizable Lines for each Lot
    • + Add an image to lot rollover
    • + Add a link for your customers to get more information

- Launches new browser window -

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